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With names like Big Bertha, Ultra Screamer, Airhead and Chariot Warbird, you know kids on Logan Martin are in for a full day of fun in the sun on these and more towable tubes.  Their screams of joy and their unmistakable laughter are heard above the roar of the boats all over the lake. With […]

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Canoeists and rowers are familiar sights on the lake, although not as plentiful as other sports. Early mornings and late evenings are ideal for treks up and down and across the main channel.   Share

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Water Skiing, Wakeboarding, Wake Skating, Wake Surfing

Skiing, wakeboarding and wake surfing are still strong contenders for seasonal fun on Logan Martin Lake. They begin emerging in the spring as the weather warms, and they continue throughout the summer and into early fall. Boats specifically made or outfitted for wakeboarding can be found through dealers located right on the lake.   Share

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Birmingham Sailing Club

Logan Martin Lake is home to the Birmingham Sailing Club, located near Logan Martin Dam. Regattas are held on Saturdays and Sundays, and the sails whipping in the wind are quite a site to behold. Major races are held at various times of the year. For a full schedule and more on the club, visit […]

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Kayaking is an emerging sport and hobby on Logan Martin. A growing number of water enthusiasts are spotted all over the lake now, paddling for exercise, fun and relaxation. One, two and even three-seaters are starting to make their way around the lake, mainly in sloughs and around shorelines of the main channel. There’s plenty […]

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Fishing is the number one sport on Logan Martin Lake with bass reigning as king. Logan Martin boasts some of the greatest bass fishing around, a well-earned reputation. It has hosted the BASSMasters championship twice and the FLW World Outdoors Championship. Check local marinas for regional and state tournaments that have bass anglers crisscrossing the […]

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