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American White Pelican

Taking up residence on Logan Martin only in the last two years is the American White Pelican, one of North America’s largest birds. It has a 9-foot wingspan, black wing tips and trailing edges. They weigh about 16.4 pounds and are more than five feet long. They differ from brown pelicans usually seen at the […]

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Canada Geese

Though not the most popular wildlife among locals on Logan Martin because of the waste they leave behind, they nevertheless now call the lake home all year long. Canada geese have grayish-brown wings and backs with light gray sides and breasts. They have black heads, tails, legs, feet and bills with a “distinctive white patch […]

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Ospreys are large raptors having a wing span from 57 to 69 inches. Ospreys have strong hooked beaks and large feet armed with extremely sharp talons to aid in the catching and eating of prey. Sexes are similar in appearance, with females on average being about 20% larger than males. The head is white on […]

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Green Heron

The little Green Heron isn’t as prominent on Logan Martin as the much larger, Blue Heron, but they do live around these parts. The bird is small, about 17-20 inches. It has a rather long, dark colored bill and may look like a crow when in flight, according to the Alabama Department of Conservation and […]

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Great Blue Heron

Great Blue Herons, large wading birds, stand sentry on shorelines and piers, waiting for a ‘fresh catch.’ They have a sizable wing span in flight and a distinctive honking sound for a voice.   Share

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Mallard Duck

Mallards are a familiar fixture on Logan Martin Lake. They are found throughout North America and are abundant on the lake. Males have an iridescent green head, and females are a mottled brown.   Share

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