Rules of the Water


With lakelife comes some responsibilities, namely licenses for boating, for fishing, even for building a pier or seawall.


No one under the age of 12 years may operate any motorized vessel, including personal watercrafts, such as Sea Doo, Waverunner, etc., on Alabama’s waterways. For certification and license requirements for Alabama residents, click here. For certification and license requirements for non-residents, click here.

Like cars on the road, all boats must be licensed and registered. For information on how to get your boat registered, click here.


Fishing licenses are required for residents age 16 years through age 64 who fish with rod and reel or artificial bait. An Alabama fishing license or a Wildlife Heritage License is required to fish with hook and line outside county of legal residence or from a boat anywhere on freshwater. For all guidelines and regulations and information on where to purchase fishing licenses, click here.

Shoreline Construction

Alabama Power holds property rights around the lake as required by the federal government. Before beginning construction, make changes or additions to any structures or the shoreline, you need to call Alabama Power Company for a permit. The number to call is 205-472-0481.