About the Lake

Created in 1965, Logan Martin Lake is an Alabama Power Company reservoir used for hydroelectric power generation.

Named for a company lawyer, Logan Martin has 275 miles of shoreline, bordering two counties — St. Clair and Talladega. It is is located on the Coosa River chain and spans 17,000 acres. And from Logan Martin Dam to Neely Henry Dam on its northern end, it measures 48.5 miles.

Because Logan Martin is a reservoir, its levels fluctuate. In winter, at its lowest point, the make is 460 feet above sea level. In summer, at what is called full pool, the lake stands at 465 feet above sea level. Levels are controlled from Logan Martin Dam.

Lowering of the lake begins in September and usually drops about two feet. October, November and December will see it gradually descend by about a foot a month.

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